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Robert P. Fitton's Books by Genre


Robert P. Fitton Books by Genre:

Mystery:House Series:

There's always a danger alone in a house far away from home.

Exchange House
Mattie is alone at the Exchange House on Maine's rural coast and is threatened by her estranged husband, a drug dazed garage mechanic, and a strong, mysterious local man. Over a three day period, capped by a violent thunderstorm, one of the men tries to kill her at the isolated Exchange House.

Beach House
On summer retreat on the Chesapeake Bay, Mary Ellen suspects her husband is having an affair with a dark haired, twenty-one year old, bikini clad woman. When her husband is murdered at the Beach House, she and Kel, a retired police officer, face increasing danger. Mary Ellen's children are at risk when she tries to prove that the young woman is the murderer.

Matthias Jones Mysteries:
In a lighthearted mystery series, Hamilton College's Coach, Matthias Jones, is aided in his investigations by a host a humorous small town characters, and solves murder mysteries set in and around the fictional town of Hamilton, New Hampshire.

The Corona Borealis Murder Case
Dr. Sergi Povitch is poisoned and his last meal was prepared by Father Jim Gallagher. Jones tries to find the killer and works with Bucky Driscoll, Hamilton College's klutzy security cop and Cocoa Stefani, a sly underworld figure in Prince William. When a cheerleader is murdered, Jones travels to Maine to track down one of his own basketball players and a number of Povitch's colleagues.

Murder at the Conservatory
Beloved coach, Lark Larsen is seen fleeing from the music conservatory, where the body of murdered maestro is sprawled across the music room floor. Tests show that Lark fired the murder weapon, yet three people close to the maestro were within a hundred yards of the conservatory at the time of the murder. Jones confronts the suspects with the assistance of Bucky Driscoll.

The Hamilton Fletcher Murder Case
When the Fletcher patriarch is murdered, Jones suspects Fletcher's daughter. Stymied by Arnie Dewars' help in the case, Jones ponders the guilt of the Fletcher company controller, and Thurmond, a wild, gun-toting Fletcher neighbor. Arnie's computer expertise is surprising helpful to Jones.

The Handyman's Secret
Handyman, Webster Howard is found dead below deck on his drifting fishing boat. Jones works with self-styled, private eye. The owner of Hamilton's newspaper is shot while investigating the murder with Jones. Suspects include First Parish Church's reverend, an arrogant state trooper, and Webster's wife.

The Lake House Murder
A genetic researcher at the college is killed at Hamilton Fletcher's lake house on Tolby Lake. Jones, with the assistance of a quirky old newspaper reporter follows a trail to Boston's organized crime family and stolen high tech software. Jones is enamored by his lead suspect, Dr. Maggie McCay.

The Applegate Murder
Leo Crowley is murdered and buried in a new home's cement foundation. Jones' own life is threatened when he confronts a wild, fasting talking builder. His investigation leads to the bank, the woman he is dating, and her wise guy brother.

The Club Max Murder Case
Jones' star football player is arrested for the knife murder of a hooker. Hindered in his investigation by the aid of a Sherlock Holmes buff, Jones confronts the local Prince William crime boss, while suspecting two Hamilton College students of murder.

From the smallest of seeds sprout forth cataclysmic consequences.

Green Haze
Reporter Roy Garrison, and photographer, Sam Peters and his wife are swept into the same international cover-up. By mistake Sam has photographed high level operatives on a Florida bridge, and Garrison's pursuit of the story leads him into the heart of Green Haze, a covert and illegal intelligence operation, headed by a savvy intelligence deputy director, Craig Grafton. Only one brilliant move can save Garrison from certain death.

In a first person account, Gordon Butts confesses on video tape how he pursues Connie Thornton, who has seduced him to the top of her husband's lucrative company, and has silently manipulated him to kill her husband. Butts' need for maintaining and extending power becomes the catalyst for his final demise.

Science Fiction: Elements of pure Science Fiction

Red Shift
Inside Hastings Mountain, under attack in Colorado, Ray Meinkewitz attempts to send Jim Cahill and his fianc?wo years back in time. They must prevent the present day nuclear annihilation of American cities by aligned terrorist groups. But they are brought back to 1961. The intelligentsia of that period grill and browbeat Cahill. Cahill and a younger Meinkewitz are dropped with a rogue sergeant into Cuba, in the midst of the Bay of Pigs operation. Cahill confronts a Cuban mercenary, the architect of the future nuclear holocaust. He must kill the Cuban and change time forever.

A twilight collection of six science fiction short stories, seven fantasy short stories, and two science fiction novellas.

Galactic Command:
The Nebula Planet
At the end of the Antarian War, Commander John Ross and the crew of ESS-14 are ordered to a planet bordering a massive nebula on the edge of the galaxy. They pursue a derelict ESS Commander and his Antarian cohort. Beyond the nebula they encounter an enclosed solar system, controlled by omnipotent life forms.

Harry Cobb Series:
The Dust of Mars
Intra-solar system investigator, Harry Cobb wants answers when a potential client is murdered in the Martian desert. He is hindered by the powerful Turcotte family and suspects one of their employees. Using his investigative team, Cobb believes his old love could be the killer and travels to her space colony estate to find the truth.

Sojourn Trilogy:
The incredible story of Tom Loftus, brought to earth from another time and place, and the awaiting of his final destiny.
Troubled by vivid dreams of distant planets and an intergalactic passageway, former DSS agent, Tom Loftus, is alerted to advanced, government controlled technologies. A witness, sent by Loftus' former case officer, prompts Loftus and Zach, to leave for Vermont. He meets Kath, his love from years ago. Discoveries in the mountains set forth a chain of events, and Loftus, Kath, and Zach are on the run. Loftus leads a military assault on a larger underground facility near the Earth's magnetic core. With loyal soldiers he fights the plotters and a Creod alien. Escaping captivity, he and Zach locate and depart on the intergalactic passageway identified in his dreams.

The Vargut Emnas
Sard, leader of the Creod military, seeks revenge on the human ancestral Ta-Buhn-Shar and their evolved Mantari worshipers. Planet by planet, over a thousand years, Sard leaves a trail of genocide. Tom Loftus and Zach are separated upon arrival from the intergalactic passageway. Sard engages in a massive fleet assault on his home planet as Loftus learns the ways of Ta-Buhn-Shar in an underground prison. He fights his way to freedom and the destiny of his dreams. Across the galaxy Sard is crowned, Vargut Emnas, undisputed leader of the Creod Realm of Planets.

The Awaited One
Loftus meets the seer, Zuni, and is hailed as the awaited savior of the Mantari people. He must first overcome the despotic Tolten; now Kath's husband. Sard brings his entire fleet through the intergalactic passageway to destroy the Mantari. As predicted in the Saba, the ancient writings, Loftus faces Sard in the final battle.

Year by Year:
Charlie Russo is a part of the remarkable events of 1927, including Babe Ruth's quest for 60 home runs and Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic. Jamal, from the distant future, befriends and falls in love with Charlie. From Boston to Niagara Falls they are chased by government agents and bioenergy beings. Under attack, Jamal tries to save the human race from eventual destruction, by attempting to send an outer space signal high above midtown Manhattan.

Andy Reese, living in an reckless, immoral future, is sent back to 1939, and is steered toward Lucy Apel, an Iowa farm girl. Writing an essay, Lucy has won a trip to the 1939 New York World's Fair. At the fair, malevolent, evolved humans are intent on stopping Andy from saving Professor Geiger, a pivotal figure in history. Human dignity in a new time line is restored only if Geiger lives.

Fantasy: Reality bends with the mind, inside worlds never seen before.

Second Chance
After Greg is shot to death by Marco, a high school acquaintance, Caroline's encounter with a gypsy brings her and her uncle back to Greg's high school days, where they must prevent a basketball accident that ruined Greg's life. The young Marco's lust for Caroline and his awareness of her purpose in the past, results in a desperate attempt to stop the accident.

Five hundred years ago, in present day Colorado, Ricardo and Martin stumble upon an alien mountain outpost called Cibola. The Aabaec change realities for Ricardo at will. In the present day, Ricardo rips Peter Sturgis from Jeannie and his children, and places him in an alternate reality, where Jeannie is a Hollywood star, Jean Carlyle, married to Ricardo. Peter wins the Jeannie of this alternate reality and faces his ultimate showdown with Ricardo when Ricardo orders Jeannie's death.

Kathryn's mind is inundated with thoughts from a dead woman named Lucy. She meets a Tucker, subliminally contacted by Lucy's boyfriend, Smitty. A bizarre mystic therapist materializes them and her humorous friend, Roz, to the Plymouth, Massachusetts of 1958. They deduce that a future nationally known talk show host, Conrad Ridder, now just beginning his career, is Lucy's and Smitty's murderer. Solving the mystery sends her into a deadly struggle with Ridder and Dimitri, his ruthless manager.

Nexus Series: From the Nexus House Mr. Melbourne brings those in need into worlds where reality and dreams blur, but justice is always clear.

Fool's Gold
Detective Jake McBride watches as Butkis, a drug dealing killer, is released by the courts. Mr. Melbourne, proprietor of the Nexus House, whisks McBride back to the reality of the old American West, where the drug dealer is involved in a railroad gold heist. But McBride, now a frontier sheriff, only knows the old west reality, and in a life and death situation, struggles to bring Butkis to justice.

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