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Journey to CyberLiterature

Welcome to Robert P. Fitton's e-zine!

Fall 2000

..... from a friend's suggestion an idea is born. How about selling my novels on the web? He tells me all stops must be pulled to have my work recognized. I balk at such a suggestion. Yet, if it's possible, the idea of getting my work out there for people to read is an intriguing thought. But can it be done? How is it done?
I meet with a Internet provider and the cash register dings inside my head with each service needed. What does a web designer do for $85 an hour? Probably a good job. Probably a real good job. And formatting is an "extra" as well as hosting charges and linking with the web effectively-and purchasing the credit card software. How in blazes does that all work?
I go home, not experiencing writer's block, but net block. No way, without the slightest idea of what hyper-links, bars and banners are, can I pull this one off. My friend has prepared a hyper-link and a sample web page, but the message is fouled up on E-mail. He'll try again tomorrow.
Like a scene wrap up, the course crystallizes in my mind. I decide to purchase web page software, but get buyer's remorse before I even buy the bloody thing. I study the graphics and things you can do with the contents of the CD inside. I hem and I haw and finally buy the web page construction kit.
I explain to my friend it will take months just to read this web page instruction book, but I compulsively keep glancing at the sections and am afraid I'll short circuit my hard drive. My friend's constructed prototype hyper-link arrives via e-mail.
Good grief, I can actually jump between pages with a click of the mouse. (Just like the web.) Maybe I should try to construct the site. I open the Software web construction files that I have placed on my disk and start with the simple words on the white page:

Adventures in Cyber Literature
The Fitton Chronicles

I've begun construction

The Fitton Chronicles

Book Covers

My goal is to deliver a wide range of easily read stories to my readers. The world has changed magnificently and many overlapping markets now exist for writing. The publishing houses reach those readers outside the new technology and movies are everywhere, but the new arena is here on the web. If you've enjoyed my books at
feel free to... "spread the word. "

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